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Sydney, Australia-Restaurant Sepia

Sepia restaurant Sydney is located at Darling Park and famed restaurant Chef is Martin Benn, to obtain the title of “restaurant of the year”. Specific Sepia Restaurant: Japanese restaurant was opened in 2009 by Chef Martin Benn, receiving the title of “Chef of the year“, in 2011 offered by SMH Good Food Guide and in 2015 powered by […]

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France-Tea Party At Angelina Paris Rivoli

Tea party at Angelina is founded in Rivoli Paris 1903, being one of the most ancient and elegant tea in Paris, place frequented by Coco Chanel. La Maison Angelina was founded in 1903, by Antoine Rumpelmayer. The interiors, made by the famous architect of the Belle Epoque, Eduard Jeans Niermans, inspiring elegance, charm and refinement. over 100 […]

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Mauritius Chamarel Chamarel Restaurant

Restaurant Le Chamarel Chamarel stood atop mountains Black River, with a breathtaking view of the Strip on the hype about inviting Indian Ocean. Specific Restaurant Le Chamarel: Mauritian, European Restaurant with local cuisine enjoys a superb view over the island. Fish and shellfish are appreciated by those who choose to serve lunch […]

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Thailand-Sky Tree Tops Restaurant In Koh Samui

Sky Tree Tops restaurant Koh Samui resort is located inside the Thai Anantara si is built in trees, with romantic booths aimed ocean. Specific Tree Tops Restaurant: Exotic Thai Restaurant has a unique design-booths with tables in the tree, offering a lovely panorama over the entire ocean ribs Chaweng Beach. A gastronomic novelty to the […]

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Usa-New York-Restaurant The View New York

The View restaurant New York is located in the Marriott Marquis Hotel, on the roof, with panoroama 360 degrees upon fantasticei metropole. Specific Restaurant The View: American restaurant, which is located on the roof of the Hotel Marriott, on the second floor 47, spins at 360 degrees every hour, to see every angle of the fermecatorului New York. […]