World Smile Day-international day of Smile

World Smile Day-international day of Smile is celebrated every year, on the first Friday in October.

World Smile Day-Ziua Mondiala a Zambetului
World Smile Day-international day of Smile

International day of Smile was celebrated for the first time in 1963. The idea of the celebration was at the initiative of Harvey Ball, an american artist from Massachusettes.

After dozens of years of dedicated military service, Harvey Ball opened his own advertising firm – Harvey Ball Advertising, in 1959. In 1963, employed as a free lancer in an insurance company, It was supposed to bring the company's high-level. The simplicity of the girl smiling, with one eye bigger than the other, he snatched the admiration of Directors, It was paid for with 45$ for his creation. So was created “Smiley Face“.

Ulterior, smiley face has become the image of the company's friendship campaign, so as 100 samples were distributed to employees, with the aim to smile during the carrying out of tasks, even over the phone. It was the orders over 50 millions of such pinuri, so it is that in 1971 smiley face has become an international icon.

Happy icon creator could not apply never for copyright, and his son claims that neither regretted this.

Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was born after the death of Harvey Ball, in 2001, in honor of its. Is a non-profit, involved in social causes for children.

Harvey Ball declared in an interview: “Never in human history and art was not anything that would bring so much joy, happiness and pleasure for all! Nothing has been created simply, but explained!

Rights to the trademarks of the girl smiling are currently owned by The Smiley Company, a branch of the Smile World LTD, based in London, led by Nicolas Loufrani.

The Smiley Company is one of the largest 100 licensing companies in the world, and the first dedicated store was opened in London, in 2011, in the commercial center Boxpark.

The Smiley Face is today one of the best known icons of the world, What is the best state of joy, emotion or happiness.

World Smile Day is a day that is celebrated smile, in all cases.

Improving this world, one smile at a time!

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