Wonderful Wanderlust-10 reasons that we must travel

Why travel? Because wonderful wanderlust is keeping the right impulse. What wanderlust’s meaning? It’s the strong native desire to travel and wander about.

Wonderful Wanderlust-10 reasons that we must travel-ilovetravel
Wonderful Wanderlust

Here are 10 reasons that we must travel:

  1. Because we have to marvel at the beauties of the world.
  2. Because every journey is an adventure that we hold forever.
  3. Because every place lends to the vibrant colors of life.
  4. Because the people ispire you in some moments.
  5. Because in the airport is another life, full of stories and distances.
  6. Because life on a roll is amazing, packing clothes and memories.
  7. Because you can taste the joy in every moment.
  8. Because you can take the whole world in one hand.
  9. Because it’s the part of life that you desire more and more.
  10. Because travel has everything between emotions, colors and sounds.

The term of Wanderlust comes from two german words: “wander” (to hike) and “lust” (desire). Placing the two words togheter, it can be described like enjoyment of roaming about. The “wanderlust” term in English occured first time in 1902.

The Wanderlust Gene: Why some people are born to travel? 

By the sciences, the urge to travel can be associated with gene DRD4, that is according with dopamine level of brain.

The DRD4-7R gene, was named “wanderlust gene” because of its correlation with curiosity and high level of wander about. It’s possessed only by 20% of the population. Those who carry this genetic information share in commun a history of travel.

Among the travelers, wanderlust represents the iresistible need of explore the world with its famous things: nature, cultures, traditions, people and places.

Nowdays, wanderlust means the intense desire of escape, experiencing the unknown, full of challenges to self-discover.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list!” (Susan Sontag)


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