World Tourism day-September 27

World Tourism day is celebrated every year on 27 September, by the 150 Member countries in the World Tourism Organization.

27 septembrie-Ziua Mondiala a Turismului
27 September-World Tourism Day

World Tourism day was celebrated for the first time in the world 1980, the celebration which is established in the 1979, in Spain.

Representatives of the WNWTO establish every year a host country and a topic of debate, thus attracting the attention of certain issues pertaining to current issues, What are closely correlated with World Tourism.

The theme for the year 2016 is Tourism 4 all-promoting universal accessibility-"tourism for all" and takes place in Bangkok-Thailand.

The theme proposed raise in the foreground in accessibility tourism, following-beside is that families with children or elders, worldwide there are over 15% people with different forms of disability, them with a high degree of difficulty in the privilege to discover cultures and to accumulate experiences.

Tourism History emphasize the fact that in 1950 There were 25 millions of people traveling, today is 18 1.2 billions of tourists that cross all over the world.

“All citizens of the world have the right to experience the incredible diversity that a planet has to offer“-Taleb Bernard, the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization.

World Tourism day, the anniversary of major importance for Travel globally.

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