City Break in New York, THE U.S. HAS.

City Break in New York: a complete guide about the most important things to see in NY. What can you visit for a weekend in NYC memorable.

If you get in the famous city that never sleeps, you need to be more active, whether you enjoy the fabulous scenery from top of Empire State Building, as you find yourself in a musical on Broadway or that get lost in the crowd from Times Square.

The most important tourist attractions in New York

  • Statue of Liberty – represents a symbol of freedom from 1886, After the inauguration. It was offered by France, the anniversary of 100 years of the United States. It was made by sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
  • Port South Street – port activity centre is today a tourist area with cobbled streets, stores and restaurants.
  • East River – It is navigable throughout its length of 26 km and has been the center of the city activities.
  • Hudson River – covers 493km, It stems from the Adirondack Mountains.

Famous plazas and intersections in New York

  • Times Square – the most famous intersection, “The crossing of the world”, It is a symbol of the city, the meeting place of tourists, where orbitoarele ads and yellow taxis complete the atmosphere. Here lies the headquarters of Nasdaq, MTV headquarters as well as the Conde Nast Building.
  • Grand Army Plaza – the square is dominated by the Plaza Hotel, being the place where coaches are taken for reading Central Park.
  • Herald Square – once was the center of a riotous theatre district.
  • Madison Square – market dating from 1847, scoring an Office area with special buildings.
  • Rockefeller Plaza – It is a place where summer is an outdoor café and winter turns to ice rink.
  • Union Square – an intersection with history, in the middle of downtown, an oasis among tall buildings.

Famous bridges in New York

  • Brooklyn Bridge – nearly 2 km bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn and in 1883 When it was completed it was the largest suspension bridge in the world and the first steel. Fabulous views over zgaraie-clouds on the East River.
  • George Washington Bridge – the bridge named after the first President of the United States, It is a suspension bridge over the Hudson River makes the connection between Manhattan and New Jersey.
  • Manhattan Bridge – Another famous bridge 1909 What crosses the East River connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Boulevards and thoroughfares in New York

  • Broadway – the most famous Boulevard in the metropolis of new-yorkeza attracts a multitude of advertisements and represents Midtown.
  • Fifth Avenue – is an artery that combines harmoniously modern architectural elements with shops. More is known under the name of “fashion avenue”.

The best known zgaraie-clouds from New York

  • Empire State Building – It is the most famous zgaraie-cloud in New York, inaugurated in 1931, has 443m. Floor Observatory 86 and observation platform on the floor 102 fabulous views over the city.
  • The Chrysler Building – This stainless steel Tower in the Art Deco style is a tribute to the eccentric dedicated car.
  • Flatiron Building – This building 1902 with high-strength steel structure with the triangular base of 21 the floors of the townspeople through intrigued her unusual. It was decorated with elements of the Italian Renaissance.
  • General Electric Building – Tower 70 floors dating from 1930 and run the show in Rockefeller Plaza provides a platform, “Top of the rock” where you can admire the beauties of the city freely.
  • General Motors Building – office towers are today some of the most exclusive locations of the city.
  • One World Trade Center – new zgaraie-does the cloud 104 floors and a height of 541 m, being the tallest Tower in Western Hemisphere.
  • Trump Tower – exclusive building that houses a hotel, private apartment, Office buildings and event halls is decorated with hanging gardens.

The most important performance halls in New York

  • Metropolitan Opera House – the most elegant Auditorium located at Lincoln Center.
  • The Brooklyn Academy of music – a grand building, built in 1908 in the italian neo-where is the most avant-garde international music program, Theatre and dance.
  • Carnegie Hall – the first concert hall in town was built by Andrew Carnegie in 1891. Musicians, including the Tchaikovsky, they conducted the orchestra.
  • City Center Theater – a theater in a Moorish-style building from 1921, decorated with Spanish tile. Today is an important room for dance performances.
  • The New York State Theater – the seat of the municipal Opera scene dating from 1964.
  • Radio City Music Hall – former Palace of the film, This Art Deco-style building houses the stunning performances, in the legendary scenery.
  • Lincoln Center for the performing arts – a giant cultural complex which is located under the roof of the Opera House, Ballet, The Philharmonic, theatres and performance halls.

The most important museums in New York

  • American Museum of the Moving Image – the history and techniques of movie and television.
  • American Museum of Crafts – a collection dating from 1900 more than 2000 exhibits.
  • American Museum of natural history – famous for its dinosaurs, This museum in 1869 over expose 30 millions of exhibits. Today, the center of the Rose Center planetarium Hayden is proud with the best simulator for space shows.
  • Brooklyn Museum – an elegant Museum is located in a Beaux Arts style building collections of African art exhibit, Asian americana.
  • Museum of Chinese in America – a museum dedicated to Chinese life in the West.
  • Children's Museum of New York – a place where children are carried out and various interactive activities.
  • Whithney Museum of art American – American art of the twentieth century is found in the pyramid-shaped building.
  • Museum of Modern Art – the most comprehensive collection of modern art, including works by Picasso or Van Gogh.
  • The American folk art museum – It is the first Museum of the city of New York.
  • The Museum houses a cheap hotel in the Lower East Side – It is reconstituted families lives who lived here in the 1930.
  • Tibetan Art Museum Jacques Marchais – a collection of Tibetan art located in a mountain Temple.
  • Madame Tussaud – Beatles, Madonna or Shakira meet on the streets of new yorkeze along with Oprah or Angelina Jolie in the wax museum.
  • Maritime Museum South Street – the maritime heritage of the city is exposed with the help of works and better equipped.
  • Memorial Museum 9/11 – the Museum erected in memory of the victims at the World Trade Center.
  • Frick Memorial Museum – This Palace of industriasului with indoor garden and Frick pool is where the paintings are exhibited, French furniture, pots and oriental carpets.
  • Morgan Memorial Museum Library – This palazzo designed in 1902 Morgan hosted the billionaire's collection, Office and library being the main attractions.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Museum – the former american President's House is restuarata and captures the privileged life exhibits a New Yorku-Sitemap.
  • Museum Van Cortlandt – georgiana from home 1847 It is also the oldest building in the Bronx.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of the largest art museums in the world, dating from 1870, passing over 5000 culture.
  • Museum Of Jewish Heritage – a chronicle of the history of the Jews in the Holocaust period.
  • Mount Vernon Museum – a favorite place to escape into the countryside, provides unique history today locuilui, decorated with old furniture and objects.
  • Museum New York Hall of Science – the Museum of science and technology.
  • New York Historical Society Museum – the oldest Museum of the city, built in. 1804 It is a place where paintings are exhibited, sculptures, furniture, silverware and famous luste Tiffany.
  • New Museum of contemporary art – a museum with exhibits of challenging artists are in life.
  • Firemen's Museum in New York – a museum housed a unit of firefighters from 1904. A collection which includes fire engines, uniforms and equipment from the 18th century.
  • The Museum Of The City Of New York – history of the city is exemplified through paintings, jewelry collections, toys and works of composers of musicals.
  • The Museum Society of history of Staten Island – a historical settlement where they have territorial Registry headquarters.
  • Museum Of The Solomon R.. Guggenheim – the building designed by Frank Lloyd Weight houses an important collection of contemporary art.
  • The Museum of television and Broadcasting – a museum with exhibits of classical and special screenings.
  • New York Aquarium – a place dedicated to marine life, decorated with waterfalls and swamps.
  • Federal Reserve Bank – the bulk of the gold in the world rezerverele lies in the Treasury 5 levels below the Bank building.
  • New York public library – an elegant building in the Beaux Arts style with the halls dressed in marble and arches.
  • The New York Stock Exchange – It was built in 1903 with neo-classical facades. Today it is a global enterprise where they are traded on a daily basis the shares of big companies.
  • Immigration History Center from Ellis Island – a museum that synthesizes the history of immigration in America.
  • International Center of photography – restrospective exhibition and temporary come together in this museum dedicated to images.
  • Cunard Building – the former Ticket Office for cruise vessel “Queen Maciver”, This grand building with brass doors and murals, today houses the U.S. Postal Office.
  • Fashion Institute of Technology – It is a prestigious school where they teach art, fashion design and marketing, among the graduates of her being and Calvin Klein.
  • Federal Hall National Memorial – an edifice built in Greek Revival style, It is the place where human rights Declaration is made..
  • The Central Railway Station – one of the greatest railroad Terminal in the world, with a traffic 500.000 people per day. Today, spectacular Beaux Arts building is a tourist attraction in itself that includes restaurants, shops and a Museum.
  • Police Plaza – Police Headquarters is located in a building from the abstract 1973, titled “5 in 1”.
  • Un Headquarters – astonishing headquarters of the United Nations, formed in 1945, in order to ensure peace and economic well-being around the world, allow visitors to see the Council Chambers as well as the Hall of the General Assembly.
  • The Headquarters Of The United States Custom House – one of the most beautiful buildings in neo-classical style. Today at the National Museum are located Amerindienilor.
  • Yankee Stadium – a sports sactuar built in 1923.
  • NBC Studios – tours by major studios television networks are popular in America.
  • Tribeca Film Center – the coffee was turned into offices for the film industry. Mentor is Robert de Niro.
  • District Court of New York – I am admired with marble columns apply as well as Tiffany ceiling murals.
  • The University Colombia – one of the oldest universities in the Americas and bore the name of “Royal College”. It was famous for its faculties of law, Journalism and medicine.
  • New York University – It was founded in 1831 and today is the largest private University in America.

Most beautiful parks and gardens in New York

  • Central Park – a vast stretch of 340ha formed from 1858 a true oasis of greenery between the clouds zgaraie-metropolis. Here you can stroll with carriage or you can take part in various outdoor performances.
  • Battery Park – In addition to the water park, where there is the coast guard of the United States.
  • Flushing Meadow Corona Park – a spacious park with areas dedicated to sports activities. Unisfera is a symbol of the construction of the World Exhibition that was organized here.
  • Prospect Park – Vale of Cashmere with ponds and willows plangatoare offers scenic pictures.
  • Riverside Park – a green belt of Forest Hills stretched.
  • Washington Square Park – a park where they held frequent outdoor concerts, Bob Dylan singing folk songs here first.
  • Botanical Garden in the Bronx – one of the largest botanical gardens in the world hosting 48 of gardens and a Victorian Conservatory with tropical vegetation.
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden – It is famous for its rose gardens, Cranford and impressive collection of bonsai.
  • Bronx Zoo – a genuine area with Lakes, meadows and tunnels of the bottle.
  • Staten Island Zoo – the main attractions are the African savanna and tropical forest.

The importante cathedrals and churches in New York

  • Cathedral Of Saint Patrick – in 1878 James Renwick Jr built the largest church of New York in French Gothic style.
  • Riverside Church – a church type zgaraie-clouds 21 levels, Gothic, what hosts the largest world's carilon.
  • Trinity Church – Gothic edifice known for musical weekly programs.
  • Chapel Of Saint Paul – the oldest church in Manhattan dating back to 1766 and is decorated with chandeliers in the georgian.
  • Cathedral Of Saint John The Baptist – the largest Cathedral in the world started in 1892 and still nefinalizata, What measures the length over 180m combines the styles of Gothic and Romanian.

The most beautiful hotels in New York

  • Hotel Gramercy Park (2 Lexington Avenue,
  • Hotel Mandarin Oriental New York (80 Columbus Circle,
  • Hotel Michelangelo (152 West 51st Street,
  • The Park Lane Hotel on Central Park (36 Central Park South,
  • Hotel Plaza Athenee (37 East 64 Street,
  • St. Regis Hotel New York (Two East 55th Street at Fifth Avenue,
  • Hotel The Carlyle by Rosewood (35 East 76th Street,
  • Hotel The Peninsula New York (700 Fifth Avenue at 55th Street,
  • Hotel The Ritz Carlton Central Park (950 Central Park South,
  • Hotel The Plaza (Fifth Avenue at Central Park South,
  • Hotel The Pierre by Taj Hotel (Two East 61st Street at 5th Avenue,
  • Hotel Waldorf Astoria New York (301 Park Avenue,
  • Hotel West House New York (201 West 55th Street,

Cele mai bune restaurante din New York

  • Restaurant Anique Garage (941 Mercer Street)
  • Restaurant Asiate (80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street)
  • Restaurant Brasserie Athenee (300 West 46th Street)
  • Restaurant Bouley (163 Duane Street)
  • Restaurant Bull&Bear Steakhouse (570 Lexington Avenue, Corner 49th Street)
  • Restaurant Carlyle (35 East 76th Street)
  • Restaurant Daniel (60 E. 65th Street)
  • Restaurant Erminia (250 E 83rd Street)
  • Restaurant Jean Georges (1 Central Park West)
  • Restaurant Jojo (160 East 64th Street)
  • Restaurant Nobu (105 Hudson Street)
  • Restaurant One if by land, two if by sea (17 Barrow Street)
  • Restaurant STK (26 Little West 12th Street)
  • Restaurant The Loeb Boathouse at Central Park (East 72nd Street)
  • Restaurant The Nuaa (1122 1st Avenue)
  • The View Restaurant (1535 Broadway, New York Marriott Marquis)
  • Restaurant Uncle Jack's Steakhouse (44 West 56th Street)

    Cafes and tea parlors in New York's famous

  • 230 Fifth Bar (230 Fifth Avenue)
  • Attic Bar (251 West 48th Street)
  • The Campbell Apartment (15 Vanderbilt Avenue)
  • Knave (119 W 56th Street-Le Parker Meridien)
  • Marie Bell (484 Broome Street)
  • River Cafe (1 Water Street)
  • Pen Top Bar and Terrace (700 5th Avenue)
  • The Press (16, 653 11th Avenue-Ink48 Hotel)
  • The Roof Top Lounge at Bridge 39 (145 E 39th Street)
  • The café chain Starbucks

Shopping in New York

In New York City, You can shop at Macy’s or Bloomingdale's or on the famous Fashion Avenue, where stores like Burberry, Victoria's Secret, Sephora or Tiffany&Co. shopping delight the same qualities. The boutiques of Soho are also at large, as small shops or markets with decorations or food.

Discover New York and enjoy it!

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